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Welcome to the FAN Alumni Group

For 37 years, the UI Alumni Association has offered a student group. Originally named the Student Alumni Association (or SAA), we changed our name after the first 22 years to Students Today, Alumni Tomorrow (S.T.A.T.).

Now, we're excited to launch our Future Alumni Network—FAN! We've strengthened the traditions built within that program to bring students an even better FAN experience. Our mission is to engage students so that they become engaged alums.

Traditions won't change, but slogans will.

“Be a part of the UI Alumni Association FAN Club!”

“Hawkeye FANs are the best!”

“Have a FANtastic Day!”

A Note To Our Alumni

Hello S.T.A.T. and FAN Alums,

As a former S.T.A.T. Ambassador, I'm honored to be the current advisor for the Future Alumni Network organization. When I was a student leader, I met some of my best friends (including my husband Sean Ferrall), shared amazing Hawkeye memories, and gained valuable networking skills.

Those of you who were lucky enough to have Leslie Prideaux as your advisor know I had some big shoes to fill. Leslie was the heart of this organization. Her passion to assist us all as leaders, students, and beyond sparked my passion for higher education. After graduating in 2012 with bachelor of arts degrees in journalism and mass communication and political science, I was not sure what I wanted to do with my future. I joined the UIAA in 2012 as the assistant director of membership and worked with the S.T.A.T. membership program. In 2014, the UIAA merged my position with the S.T.A.T. advisor position and now I oversee all student-related events and programs.

Working with students is amazing—each day is a new adventure! The leaders involved in the FAN organization are phenomenal. They bring so much passion, excitement, and Hawkeye pride to campus. Through their leadership, we've been able to expand many traditional events and create new ones.

When people ask me what I do, I jokingly respond: "I never wanted to leave college, so I found a job that let me stay." But truthfully, every student I work with becomes a part of my family. I cherish every memory shared with them and I look forward to creating memories with our outstanding alumni too.

Thank you,
Christin Ferrall

We know you've been a FAN of us for many years, so we look forward to your continued support with the launch of our new organization.

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