Latino and Native American Alumni Alliance


We appreciate and honor our multicultural campus.

Building upon our legacy of community, activism, education, and cultural heritage, the UI Latino and Native American Alumni Alliance supports and promotes the University of Iowa's goal of attaining true diversity. We, the UI Latino Native American Alumni Alliance, promote the general mission and purposes of the University of Iowa. Additionally, we wish to recognize that as alumni of the University of Iowa, we are bound by common experiences, friendships, and appreciation which we seek to further strengthen and extend.

We recognize that the University of Iowa has for years had a goal to expand the diversity of its student body, and we wish that this goal never be forgotten. We seek to preserve our history and association with the University of Iowa, and to further the enrollment and advancement of Latino and Native American students, staff, faculty, and alumni.

We hold common goals of: supporting our youth, community, and students of the University of Iowa; utilizing and strengthening our collective resources for networking; and advancing and recruiting students. Finally, we seek to exchange information to promote our own continuing education and the advancement and professional development of all alumni.

All UI alumni are welcome to participate. While UI Alumni Association membership is not required for LANA3 participation, it does increase the strength of the Latino and Native American Alumni Alliance by enabling us to support diverse groups and programs like.