IOWA Club Leader Toolkit

Whether you’re interested in starting a new IOWA Club in your community or are a seasoned IOWA Club volunteer, the following resources will help ensure your success and the success of your ‘Recognized IOWA Club.’

  • IOWA Club Leader Workshop—Mark your calendars for the IOWA Club workshop, Friday, Oct. 6, 2017, at the Levitt Center for University Advancement. Details will be available spring 2017.

Organizational Charts

Use these quick reference tools to help determine club type, corresponding compliance standards, and available UIAA resources.

Tax Compliance Reporting Guidelines

  • Guidelines —general information on IRS requirements that may be applicable to club activities and revenue generation.

Organizational Templates and Sample Documents

These tools will assist clubs with various levels of the organizational process, including bylaws and articles of incorporation.

The following templates are provided and should be used when organizing your club. Sample documents are provided as examples only and may be redesigned to fit club needs as appropriate.

  • Template 1—IOWA Club Bylaws (Type C, B, and A Clubs)
  • Template 2—IOWA Club Articles of Incorporation (Type B Club)
  • Template 3—IOWA Club Articles of Incorporation (Type A Club)
  • Template 4—Form SS-4 Application for Federal Identification Number with IRS and Additional Instructions
  • Template 5—Form 1024 Application for Recognition for Exemption with IRS and Additional Instructions
  • Sample 1—Conflict of Interest Policy

UIAA Business Forms

These forms are available and should be used once your club is officially organized. Form 1 is required annually and the others are flexible based on club needs. Please review each form carefully. For downloadable forms, please e-mail or mail to One Park Road, 100 Levitt Center, Iowa City, IA 52242-1797. You can also fax the forms to 319/335-1079.

  • Form 1—IOWA Club Annual Report and Certification (required annually)
  • Form 2—IOWA Club Award Nomination Form

Thank you for your dedication and service to the UI, the alumni association, and your local IOWA Club.