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A message for UI Debate Alumni

Current State of the Program — A call for support from Paul Bellus, Director of Debate

First of all, thank you for your support over the years. Iowa debate is a flagship program because of the many donors who make educational opportunities possible. It took over $50,000 to host last year's NDT and this was possible only because of the generous gifts of ACBDF alumni. The praise this event has received by the collegiate debate community and the University of Iowa administration is testament to our commitment to excellence.

The A. Craig Baird Debate Forum has a new home in the Office of the Provost. The Office of the President and the Office of the Provost both contribute $15,000 to meet the travel and operational needs of the program. These funds, although generous, do not completely cover our annual costs. Travel exceeds $45,000 a year and operational costs are more than $15,000. Annual contributions from alumni and proceeds from the debate endowment currently cover this deficit. 

It costs roughly $12,000 to travel each two-person team. To ensure a positive competition experience for the squad, the travel budget for the program must grow an additional $20,000. To continue our legacy of success, well-diversified teams, and quality coaching, we need continued alumni financial support.

We are seeking sustained annual giving from our former debate team members and alumni to match the $30,000 we receive each year in institutional support. I know the generous spirit of our alumni will make this possible. Many of us owe our successes, both professional and personal, to our time in debate. Your commitment to sustaining the ACBDF will allow the program to bring these same opportunities to present and future ACBDF members. I have full confidence we are on the "Side of Truth."

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