Gridiron Glory- 1937

Irl Tubbs, head coach for the Hawkeyes in 1937.

Coach Irl Tubbs

March 1
Irl Tubbs, head coach at the University of Miami in Florida, began his duties as the Hawkeyes’ head coach, replacing Ossie Solem who had moved on to Syracuse University. Described as a likeable man and a thorough teacher, Tubbs was also known as a “clever inventor of football equipment, including elastic insert in football pants, inner valve type of balls, special cleats, [and] seamless ball.” During the two seasons he coached at Iowa, his teams tallied two wins, 13 losses, and one tie.

Homer Harris was elected captain of the Hawkeyes, becoming the first black to lead a major college football team.

September 10
For the sixth consecutive year, Iowa alumni in all of the state’s 99 counties marked the opening football practice with dinners and a special program. Radio stations around Iowa broadcast messages from the coaches and selected members of the squad. The alumni bulletin alerted fans that “this broadcast will be on the air from 8:45 to 9 o’clock and those 15 minutes will be packed with information of interest to every football enthusiast.”

Record: 1 - 7
Head Coach: Irl Tubbs


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