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Features October 2009

Where the Wild Things Are

An unusual and little known University of Iowa center offers a safe haven for birds that fall prey to civilization.

Covers October 2009

October 2009 Cover

COVER STORY: Old traditions and new challenges mark the beginning of the Class of 2013's life-changing transformations at the University of Iowa.

Premium | Features October 2009

Changing Face on Myspace

A rhetoric course explores why we're so much cooler online.

Premium | People October 2009

Never Again: Evelyn Vinduska McKnight

A victim of shocking medical negligence Evelyn Vinduska McKnight now works to prevent other Americans from suffering the same fate.

Premium | People October 2009

For the Record: David Hammer

UI graduate David Hammer compiles a life of legal battles into his new book "For the Record: My Name is Hammer."

Premium | News October 2009

Biking for a Cure

A Ragbrai team raises awareness of eye disease.

Premium | People October 2009

Transfer of Talent: Phyllis Seltzer

UI graduate Phyllis Seltzer has worked at perfecting heat transfer printmaking.

Premium | Reviews October 2009

Meet Me on the Mountain

UI graduate Shawn Kirchner releases his album Meet Me on the Mountain.

Premium | News October 2009

Alison Cavanaugh

UI senior golfer Alison Cavanaugh qualifies to play on Amateur tour.

Premium | News October 2009

Fighting the Flu

The UI helps the U.S. confront a potential pandemic.

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