Iowa Alumni Magazine | August 2015 | People

Talk Back

By Shelbi Thomas
We recently asked followers of our Facebook page to share where they made friends during their time at the UI.
Here are some of the responses:

"At the IMU, Burge Hall, the Latino and Native American Cultural Center (LNACC), and from being an orientation adviser and an R.A."
Rebekah Rodriguez, 97BA

"7th floor C-D, Mayflower!"
Andy Corum, 13BA

"Lab partners in biology. Been best friends ever since."
Chelsea Everhart, 11BA

"In the practice room hallway in the Music Building."
Rochelle Rawson Naylor, 77BM

"The Newman Center, Dance Marathon, and the 10,000 Hours Show."
Sara Quartell Bhat, 04BSN

"Army ROTC program, as well as in the S.T.A.T. Ambassador program."
Jeff C. Adams, 03BA

"I met my wife in downtown Iowa City on a Friday night and made lots of friends during late-night dinners at the UI Hospitals and Clinics cafeteria."
Bhupinder Singh, 13PhD

"I met my husband in Hawkeye Marching Band."
Ann Bouton Berry, 94BA

"I met my wife (soon to be married 45 years) at the Corner House of the Lutheran Center, which is now the president's parking lot."
Dennis R. Dowell, 68BM, 79MFA

"School of Library and Information Science. We didn't get out of the building much."
Randall Schroeder, 88MA

"Orientation. She met my twin sister first; then we all started to hang out together."
Beth Cooper-Zobott, 85BA