Iowa Alumni Magazine FAQ

About Us:

Iowa Alumni Magazine is published bimonthly in January, March, May, July (digital-only), September, and November by the University of Iowa Alumni Association for its members. A digital edition, as well as an online version that includes additional multimedia material and archives of articles, are also available at

Mission Statement:

Iowa Alumni Magazine aims to add value and interest to its readers' lives, to make them proud to be associated with the University of Iowa, and to connect them to each other.

Guiding philosophy:

Iowa Alumni Magazine staff strive to continue the tradition of critical thinking that our readers — a diverse group of alumni, faculty, staff, students, and friends with a myriad of interests and beliefs — embraced during their years at the University of Iowa. Through thoughtfully selected words and images, we seek to advance our university's future and goals by engaging our readers' intellect and emotions

By adhering to the highest standards of compelling writing and design, accuracy, balanced coverage, and ethical behavior, Iowa Alumni Magazine staff aim to foster in readers feelings of pride and connection. Our goal is to add value and interest to readers' lives through articles that reflect not only the intellectual, cultural, and social life of the university but also relevant national or global issues.

We hope that readers will view Iowa Alumni Magazine as a trusted friend — warm, inviting, credible, vibrant, honest, intelligent, accessible, tasteful, funny, and sometimes outspoke. Iowa Alumni Magazine is not afraid to tackle controversial issues — nor to have fun. Like any magazine of substance, our publication will present inspired contet that challenges, uplifts, and entertains. While that content will not appeal or resonate with all people at all times our stories will ensure that readers look forward to the magazines arrival and remember it long afterwards.


Receive the magazine

To receiveIowa Alumni Magazine in its print and/or digital form, join the UI Alumni Association. Membership in the UIAA offers many advantages besides subscription to the magazine, such as valuable discounts and invitations to exclusive events. For details, visit

Write for the magazine

Iowa Alumni Magazine occasionally accepts unsolicited articles that meet the magazine's criteria for Iowa- or UI-related content and high quality standards. All articles are subject to rigorous editing. As a publication produced by a nonprofit organization, Iowa Alumni Magazine has a limited budget and is unable to match freelancer fees paid by commercial publications. To submit an article for consideration, please email brief details of the article and your writing experience.

Suggest an article

To suggest an article for consideration, please email brief details to

Submit class notes and death announcements

Iowa Alumni Magazine offers a class notes section devoted to alumni's professional news (such as promotions or career moves) and life events (such as births, marriages, and anniversaries), as well as a listing of recently deceased alumni.

  • To submit a class note or death announcement, email Class notes items may be edited for style, length, and clarity. Notices of births, marriages, and anniversaries, along with any photographs for consideration, may only be submitted by the alumni concerned, not by friends or relatives.
  • Please note that because of the magazine's bimonthly schedule and volume of news items submitted, it may be some time before class notes or obituary listings appear in print. Also, because of space limitations in the magazine, preference for these items is given to members of the UIAA.

Submit letters to the editor

Iowa Alumni Magazine welcomes letters to the editor, particularly in response to topics that have been covered in the magazine. To submit a letter to the editor, email Please note that we are not able to print or reply to every letter we receive. Letters to the editor may be edited for style, length, and clarity. Letters containing potentially libelous statements or personal attacks will not be printed.

The magazine will publish letters responding to an article, topic, or issue and subsequent letters in response to those original letters. However, to avoid endless debate and to ensure space for other conversations, the magazine will not publish further responses from the original letter-writer.

The editors reserve the final decision to publish and edit any letter. An editor's note may be appended to a letter to clarify or correct the issue discussed in the letter or to explain university policy.

Opinions expressed in the letters section do not necessarily reflect the views of the University of Iowa or the University of Iowa Alumni Association.

Submit changes of address

Send address changes to UI Alumni Records via

Advertise in the magazine

For details on how to advertise in Iowa Alumni Magazine, visit

Contact us

For general queries regarding the magazine, please email or call the UIAA at 1-800-469-2586 or 319-335-3294. The magazine's editorial offices are located at the Levitt Center for University Advancement, P.O. Box 1970, Iowa City, IA 52244-1970; fax: 319-335-1079.