Iowa Alumni Magazine | December 2013 | Features

Time Capsule

By Shelbi Thomas
Rae Winkelstein


Braving muddy waters, slithering creatures, and the sweltering hot sun, Karen Brunso, 12BA scours the swamplands of Florida for artifacts that shed light on the rich history and culture of the Seminole people. She shares her findings at educational outreach events, where local children can see firsthand the pottery, animal bone tools, and other items their ancestors left behind. Here are Brunso's top five tools for working in the wetlands:

  1. A machete for clearing brush.
  2. Waterproof snake boots to prevent bites.
  3. A shovel and an Iowa-made Marshalltown trowel for excavating.
  4. An all-terrain vehicle to travel through flooded canals, ditches, and fresh mud.
  5. A compass and GPS to record the precise location of discoveries—and find the way back to the office.