Iowa Alumni Magazine | June 2008 | Reviews

Man Killed by Pheasant by John T. Price

By IAM Staff
Man Killed by Pheasant by John T. Price, 88BA, 95MFA, 97PhD Da Capo Press

In his memoir about a life rooted in the grasslands of the American Midwest, John Price, 88BA, 95MFA, 97PhD, proves that neither mountains nor seashore is required to make for an interesting environment. Instead, it's the relationships we have with family—even those forebears we know only through family legend—and with the flora and fauna that surround us that tie us to places we call home and make life remarkable.

If you ever thought Iowa would be more dramatic if it were populated by bears or tigers, be sure to read the title essay, as well as one called simply "Nuts." You'll probably burst out laughing and forever after consider pheasants and squirrels as memorable as that bigger game.