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Covers December 2010

December 2010 Cover

COVER STORY: In the largest, most expensive scientific experiment in history, UI physicists seek to unlock and explore the secrets of the universe.

Premium | In Class August 2010

The Art of Science

An interdisciplinary course considers these two fields a match made in the heavens.

Premium | News February 2010

Newsmaker: Gina Schatteman

UI associate professor Gina Schatteman is on assignment in Washington, DC, helping American students bring their science, math, and technical skills up to a world-class level.

Premium | News June 2009

Alan Kim Johnson

Ever reach for the salt shaker before even tasting your food? UI psychologist and physiologist Alan Kim Johnson grabbed headlines this past spring when he uncovered an intriguing reason why -- salt might make us happier.

Premium | Feature April 2008

Inventions for Middle Schoolers

A middle school teacher's unit on inventions leads to in-depth inquiry on the part of students, who also gain an appreciation for how machines affect their lives.

Premium | Feature April 2008

The Squirrel Project

In this excerpt from "Exemplary Science in Pre K - Grade 4," a teacher illustrates how student curiosity prompts learning. Parents can use their children's questions to advance learning, too.

Premium | Feature May 1987

Close-up on UI Science Project

Iowa students who seek teacher certification in science learn it's more important to help their students enjoy science than it is to always have the right answer.

Premium | Feature May 1987

Blinded by Science

Why do kids turn off to science? UI professors in science education think it's because of the teachers.

Premium | Features July 1989

Putting Pigeons Through Their Paces

A psychology professor's research with pigeons challenges long-cherished notions about the superiority of the human brain. It turns out we're just one kind of intelligent life on Earth.

Premium | Features April 2008

Great (and Small) Minds Think Alike

A pioneering UI psychology professor uncovers surprising facts about humans and other animals.

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