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Features December 2013

Age-Old Question

A UI expert ponders the pros and cons of a radically extended human lifespan.

News December 2013

Further Resources

Further Resources

Features December 2013

The New Old Age

As a new generation redefines what it means to grow old, UI experts explain how to deal with the associated health, economic, and cultural upheavals.

In Class December 2012

Positively Thriving

The science of psychology helps UI freshmen discover happiness.

Premium | Features December 2012

Can we retrain our brains to be happier?

The human brain is surprisingly more adaptable than doctors and scientists once believed.

Features December 2012

In the Zone

Taking tips from the national best-selling book The Blue Zone, the University of Iowa and various Iowa communities are working on practical, simple ways to increase health and well-being.

Premium | Features October 2012

Eat Your Greens!

Driven by a debilitating disease, a UI medical alumna creates an extreme diet that may offer the prescription for good health.

Premium | People August 2011

Certified Fitness Guide

An Iowa City-area woman lost 20 pounds in five weeks. Once too out-of-shape to play with her kids, she now lives a happier, healthier life. What's her secret?

In Class February 2011

Music to the Ears

Students of the iPod generation learn to protect their hearing in an often cacophonous world.

Premium | People August 2010

Reaching a Milestone

Meet Tim Phillips, 72BS

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