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Features December 2013

Time Capsule

From premature babies to ancient fossils, the reach of the University of Iowa, its people, and its artifacts span the generations.

People April 2014

Giving up a Dream

After eight major surgeries, Hawkeye gymnast Emma Willis faced a tough decision.

People April 2014

Disney Story Seeker

Disney TV executive Karen Miller finds memorable and magical programs for a worldwide audience.

Features April 2014

Talk Back

UI alumni share humorous and heartfelt advice on college roomates.

People December 2013

Legacy Builder

Hockey player Sara Watro continues a family tradition at the UI's storied program.

In Class December 2013

Leaving the Nest

A UI class discovers why coming-of-age experiences are both intensely personal and also universal.

Premium | People February 2014

Priest and Parent

Catholic priest Steve Witt is a father in both senses of the word.

Premium | News February 2014

Nano in Your Life

Technology in Your Life

Premium | Features February 2014

The Science of Small

At a special institute at the UI, researchers strive to understand, apply, and reap the huge potential of nanoscience.

People February 2014


Hawkeye basketball player Peter Jok overcame a traumatic start in his native Sudan to find a new home in Iowa.

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