Iowa Alumni Magazine | October 2008 | Reviews

Art Matters: The UIMA Blog

By IAM Staff
Jackson Pollock (American, 1912-1956) Mural, 1943 Oil on canvas 97 1/4 x 238 in (247 x 605 cm) Gift of Peggy Guggenheim, 1959

"A conversation about art" is how marketing and media manager Maggie Anderson, 07BA, describes the UI Museum of Art's blog.

This past summer, two topics monopolized that conversation: what's happened to the museum since the devastating floods, and is it true that the UI may sell its famous Jackson Pollock painting, Mural, to help meet flood damage costs?

Impassioned art-lovers soon weighed in on that issue. Wrote one UI alumnus, "Viewing this painting is an aesthetic experience of physical and psychic immediacy that can't be replicated in any other manner, nor by virtually any other abstract expressionist painting."