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RSS: Getting started

Headlines, your way
RSS feeds offer a handy way to check the latest headlines and news on your favorite web sites, including University of Iowa's. All you need is a news reader or news aggregator. Here's how to get started.

Get a news reader
There are many free or inexpensive news readers available for download. Check these news reader lists:

Pick out your news feeds
Go to your favorite web sites to see if they offer news feeds. Look for the "RSS" or "XML" symbol on the pages. They often are on the top or bottom of the news page.

Enter URLs into your news reader
Click on the "RSS" or "XML" to get the URL of a news feed; the URL will end with "xml." Enter the URL into your news feeder. Your news feeder will periodically check for new items on your selected sites, bringing you a customized list of the latest headlines.