Voyagers FAQ's

Below are answers to questions travelers frequently ask us. If you don't find the answer you are looking for, feel free to contact us and we'd be glad to assist.

Do I have to be a University of Iowa graduate to travel with Iowa Voyagers?

You do not need to be a UI graduate. About 70 percent of Iowa Voyagers travelers are alumni, while the rest are friends, relatives, colleagues, or other travelers who enjoy the kind of high-quality educational programs we offer.

Are the trips escorted?

Yes, there is always a tour director from our travel companies who oversees the group and answers questions, troubleshoots, and guides our travelers throughout. A University of Iowa host may also escort the group, but a minimum number of participants (usually 15, 20, or 30) is required to secure this additional service.

Are there any physical requirements?

To fully enjoy the travel experience, participants should be in good physical and mental health and be able to keep pace with the group. Extreme variations in altitude or temperature should be considered when traveling in certain parts of the world. Some excursions require walking on uneven terrain or climbing stairs. If you require extra assistance with ambulation, diet, or medical regimens, you must report this when you book your trip and be accompanied by someone who can and will provide all required care. Activity levels are indicated in each trip’s description.

What about single travelers?

Iowa Voyagers offers a selection of “no single supplement” trips each year. View these trips here. Most other Voyagers trips charge extra for travelers who request single accommodations, with fees varying by trip type and availability, and availability is often limited. Single travelers can request to be matched with a roommate. Identifying a roommate is not guaranteed and the single supplement fee will still apply if one cannot be found.

Will my trip be exclusive to Iowa Voyagers or will it be shared with other groups?

Most Iowa Voyagers trips are shared departures, meaning other universities, schools, or affinity groups will join us as part of the larger group. This assures the trip will not be canceled due to low traveler numbers. There is always a tour director who oversees the larger group and attends to the needs of each individual sub-group, such as arranging a special party for the Iowa Voyagers. A few of our trips are exclusive to Iowa Voyagers. Please inquire about your particular trip when you book.

Who makes the flight arrangements? Can I make my own?

The tour operator managing your particular trip can book your air flights and often has air-inclusive prices listed in the trip brochure. When booking your trip, simply indicate your desired departure city on the reservation form. The tour operator will then be responsible for scheduling and booking your flights and transferring you to and from the airport with the group. If you wish to make your own flight arrangements, feel free to ask about “land-only” or “cruise-only” pricing. If you make your own air arrangements, you’ll be responsible for meeting the group at the ship or hotel. In some cases, you can purchase group transfers from the tour operator even though you’ve made your own air arrangements.

Can I earn and/or use frequent flyer miles?

To earn miles, you should submit your request post-trip directly with the air carrier. Many operators use specific airlines as the group carrier. If your frequent flyer program is with another airline and you want the tour operator to book your flights with your preferred carrier, the airfare quoted in the brochure may vary since you would be booked as “independent air” rather than “group air.”

To use miles for part or all of your flights or to upgrade using miles, you should choose the “land-only” or “cruise-only” options and book your flights directly with your preferred airline. Tour operators are not able to conduct frequent flyer mile usage transactions. Our group flights economy class and generally not eligible for upgrade using miles.

How long has the Iowa Voyagers been in operation?

We’re one of the oldest alumni travel programs in the Big 10. The Iowa Voyagers was started in 1961 and has operated continuously since then.

How can I learn more about the trips that interest me?

Fill out the brochure request form to receive full-color, detailed brochures on specific trips. Print brochures are usually available 12 to nine months before the departure date. We can also email you a brochure.

I’m ready to book my trip. How do I accomplish this?

Call Iowa Voyagers at 800-648-6973 or e-mail You can also mail in your reservation to: Iowa Voyagers, P.O. Box 4550, Iowa City, IA 52244. You may secure your reservation right away by making your deposit payment via credit card or send a personal check or money order.

Where can I find information about the tour companies that provide Iowa Voyagers trips?

Visit our travel providers page, where brief listings give the company’s address and toll-free phone number.

Where do I get information about travel insurance?

Upon receipt of your reservation and deposit payment, we send you a letter of acknowledgment that includes travel insurance information and instructions on how to apply. Our policy is provided by our long-time insurance partner, Travel Insurance Services. click here.