Dr. Ken Magid Biography

Dr. Ken Magid
Biographical Sketch

Ken MagidDr. Ken Magid was an exceptional educator, counselor, scholar, mentor, role model, and friend. His career encompassed teaching, clinical psychology practice, documentary filmmaking, social science research, television show production, news writing, and many other pursuits.

Ken enjoyed people, especially when he could help them identify and bring out their personal strengths. His own role models taught him to positively engage with others and make the most of each moment. His first teacher, his mother, taught him that a positive attitude in life would determine his altitude in life and that he should reach high for his dreams. Ken’s mother, Kit, flew bombers and pursuit fighters in World War II as part of the Women’s Airforce Service Pilots (WASP). His father, Louise Magid, was a highly decorated glider pilot during WWII and a personal friend of General Eisenhower and General Patton. He emphasized to Ken the need for courage and integrity in life and to make his word his bond.

Growing up, Ken lived in different parts of the world since his father was frequently transferred. This diversity influenced the young Ken and offered him new ways to think about different cultures. And there were many other influences in Ken’s life. He particularly noted the inspiration he felt from a personal meeting with Mother Teresa of Calcutta. Ken remembered, “She was interested in seeing only the best parts of me; her unconditional love was palpable. She raised the bar for loving others to a new level. With her strong faith, Mother Teresa personified strength-based living.”  

On August 13, 2005, Dr. Ken Magid died in a private airplane crash outside Denver, Colorado.