Hawkeye Birthday Club

The Hawkeye Birthday Club involves young Hawkeyes of all ages in the life of the University of Iowa. Each year, club members will receive either a Hawkeye-themed gift or special birthday card.

Birthday Gifts

A child’s age at the time of enrollment will determine the first gift received. Within the first week of the birthday month, we will send children either a Hawkeye-themed gift (on even-numbered birthday years) or a birthday card (on odd-numbered birthday years) so that they arrive as soon as possible.

Under 2 years old: "Future Iowa Alum" Bib
2: Nightlight
4: I is for Iowa Book

6: “Color-me” pennant 
8: Jump rope 
10: Pencils, notepad, and bookmark

12: Iowa pennant 
14: Earbuds 
16: Key chain, sunglasses, and Tigerhawk decal

When children turn 16, we will give their names to the University of Iowa admissions office.

Questions or address changes, Please contact us at alumni-birthdayclub@uiowa.edu