Iowa Alumni Magazine | April 2014 | Features

Talk Back

By Shelbi Thomas
We recently asked followers of our Facebook page to offer their advice to UI students on being a good roommate. Here are some of their suggestions:

"Not everyone thinks like you do, believes what you believe, or acts like you do. It's okay to be different and still get along."

~John Heisterkamp, 96BA, 99MA, 99MBA

"Speak up when something is bothering you, and then talk it out. Compromise is key."

~Patti McGee Glanz, 72BA

"Be flexible."

~Cindy Windsor, 75RadT

"Ask for a single."

~Erin Manning, 90BA, 94MS

"Be patient and communicate. You don't have to be best friends, but you do have to live together. Be understanding, but know your boundaries, too. Remember, kindness goes a long way!"

~Meghan Hasselberg Reitz, 01BA

"Respect each other's differences and make friends outside your room."

~Deloris Tan

"Don't bring 'guests' back for the night!"

~Laurel Tenny Stone, 97BA

"Show common courtesy; if your roommate is trying to sleep, please don't talk on the phone in the room or entertain guests. Also, pick up your stuff and don't be a pig."

~Pama Lee Bennett, 73BA, 76MA

"Living with a roommate is hard. You want to be decent, and that does not always happen. Try not to play the blame game when it comes to being angry or annoyed over something the roommate has done. Try to be patient and open to their lifestyle."

~Kristine Yager Rushton, 94BA