What Happens In Vegas Is Solved By CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

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CSI: Crime Scene Investigation is the first CSI crime investigation show to air. CSI Miami and then CSI New York followed it. It has been on for nine seasons and the original cast members of CSI are William Peterson (Gil Grissom), Marg Helgenberger (Catherine), George Eads (Nick), Eric Szmanda (Greg), Paul Guilfoyle (Capt. Brass), and Robert David Hall (coroner).

Warrick and Sara played by Gary Dourdin and Jorja Fox exited the show. Sara left in season 8 because she wanted more money and Warrick died in the opener of season 9 for personal life problems.

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The show is amazing as it shows you what it takes to solve a crime. CSI: Crime Investigation solves murders and finds people that may have been a witness to a crime or been involved or knew someone that was. The weekly show focuses on collecting evidence at crime scenes and analyzing the collected items to find the suspect.

The show is amazing as it shows you what it takes to solve a crime – image by theconversation.com

Gil is the head of the crime lab and Catherine is his next in command. Catherine is the daughter of now dead casino owner that had ties to crime operations in Las Vegas. Gil is a loner and has a dog at home. He started a relationship with Sara before she left the show. Every now and then Gil thinks about Sarah and wonders what could have been.

The rest of the crime team work together to solve crimes, but they are more of a family. When something happens to one of them, it affects the entire team. Warrick’s death in season 9 has left Gil rethinking his priorities and he turns to a madam that is into S&M. She was introduced in season 8 as a suspect for a sexual murder and cleared.

As you watch the private and professional lives of the team, you can see how they handle a life with or without love and with children. The show is always filled with suspense. Catherine’s daughter has grown up and has the entire city of Las Vegas to explore. What will she get into next.



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