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Android Gingerbread is the next iteration of the Android software.  Android definitely is a platform that updates itself on the regular (If you can stand the suspense of waiting for your manufacturer to create a version that works with their Android phones).  As a matter of fact, it is the constant improvement that makes Android so intriguing.

Android Gingerbread is fairly unknown.  But we do know that the UI (user interfaced) will be changed so that skins like HTC Sense are not necessary anymore.  Skins are ok, but they slow your phone and have task manager issues.  Therefore it opened up a market for custom launchers like LauncherPro,  and ADW Launcher.  But let’s delve a little deeper into Gingerbread.

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I’ve predicted in some other articles how big Video Chat will be; well it looks as if Video Chat may be in the next version of Android.  When asked about video chat coming to the Android OS, Andy Rubin responded, “We support video chat today, with Google Talk Video. It works on the desktop. Whether that can be repurposed and made appropriate for sipping bandwidth for mobile, it’s an exercise that’s underway.” (this quote is from the PCMag article found here).  But there is speculation that Gingerbread will also be the platform for tablets.  That doesn’t mean that the OS will negate the ability to work on mobile phones nor Google TV but simply could mean a more flexible and open platform.

Video Chat capabilities however will be a strong feature in Gingerbread.  Currently, Google Talk Video works through Gmail on your desktop; and therefore integration is simply a matter of making it work via mobile phones.  Manufacturers like HTC and Samsung are already producing phones with Video Chat capabilities but a third party software is needed.  Android’s new version (Gingerbread) could make this functionality a norm. Companies like Motorola are also developing smartphones on its roadmap, like the Droid Terminator which will be available to multiple carriers next year and probably make full use of Gingerbread.

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Update – Just a FYI.  Gingerbread in the past was said to work with higher (more powerful) models of Android.  I actually believe that LTE, Tablets, and the rumored 2GHZ Droid phone will more likely influence Gingerbread.  Video Chat is something that works best with more powerful phones.  And just as computers evolved, the more powerful Android phones will naturally allow more functionality and productivity.  Remember Google is a forward thinking company while Apple tends to be a Marketing genius and a stylish company (yes I believe they have great technology but they are known more for sleek devices with great marketing).  Just another AJ prediction.


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