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You've Graduated! Now What?

Wednesday, June 29
11 a.m. - 12 p.m. CDT

Transitioning from the classroom to the workplace can be as intimidating as walking into an unfamiliar college lecture hall on the first day of your freshman year.

You can ease this transition by sitting with someone who has been there.  Angel Flores is a first-generation college graduate who has traveled the country teaching and mentoring students and young-adults as they have transitioned from stage to stage in life. The goal of our time together in this session is to:

  • Equip you with some practical tools and strategies to identify a clear path forward in your career.
  • Identify and direct your own internal sources of hope and motivation.
  • Help you create a simple "map" for your next steps forward.

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Your Career: How to Make it Happen

Wednesday, June 29
12 - 1 p.m. CDT

Job seekers commonly spend days applying for jobs online, yet get little or no response from prospective employers. In this webinar, learn how to make your job search journey less overwhelming. Learn about a step-by-step approach that can help you find jobs that fit your personality, lifestyle, and skills.

By the end of this webinar you will be able to:

  • identify where you are in the 5-Phase Job Search Journey
  • apply tools to help you zero-in on the jobs that are a good match for you
  • apply an efficient job search strategy to maximize your efforts on your Job Search Journey

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Become the Chief Marketing Officer of Your Professional Life

Thursday, June 30
11 a.m. - 12 p.m. CDT

The transition from college to workplace has always been challenging. Currently, it's even more so. Good jobs are difficult to find. Also, the expectation is that you will be productive from day-one, along with intuitively knowing how to fit perfectly into the organizational culture.

It used to be that you would be given a "grace" period to adjust. In the mid-1990s, when Jane Genova co-authored the book "The Critical 14 Years of Your Professional Life," you were given more than a decade to develop as a professional. In this presentation, she will explain how you can meet and exceed employers' demanding new requirements. Among the advantages you have are your youth and being totally at home with technology. 

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Quarter Life Calling. Launch the Career and Life You Want

Thursday, June 30
12 - 1 p.m. CDT

Do you have a vision of where you want to be ten years from now?

Do you have a plan in place that will get there?

Do you know what you need to do to switch gears if you find yourself heading in the wrong direction?

Join Paul to learn how to determine:

  • What your calling is
  • What kind of job will best fit your personality and wiring
  • How to apply the gifts you have to change the world
  • How to bring your passions to the career you choose

You need a plan to get where you want to go.  But first you have to know who you are, and what you are wired best to do!

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Graduate to a Great Career: How to Land a Great Job

Friday, July 1
11 a.m. - 12 p.m. CDT

Learn the secrets of successful first-time job seekers, secrets and a job-hunting process that you probably didn't learn in college that Catherine Kaputa learned in talking to hundreds of new grads and young professions for her new book, Graduate to a Great Career.

In this talk, you'll learn a 5 step process for launching your career including:

  • How to unlock the “hidden job market” of unadvertised jobs that the majority of job seekers miss out on 
  • How to implement the 70/30 job hunt, the best way to allocate your time to get results
  • How to develop a resume that gets past the resume robots that screen applications
  • How to pitch yourself when you have limited job experience
  • The importance of internships and how to get the best ones
  • Leverage social media for personal branding, networking and job hunting
  • Clicking in interviews by asking the right questions and bonding with the interviewer

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From Freshman to Fortune 500

Friday, July 1
12 - 1 p.m. CDT

Getting from college to the real world can be scary. And, waiting to get a 4 or 6-year degree BEFORE you can work in the field of your dreams can be frustrating.

So can graduating from a Bachelor’s, Master’s or even Doctoral program and finding that you don’t have the practical experience or real-world marketable skills to find a job.

It’s discouraging to not be able to find a job that relates to your interests and your college degree. This webinar is here to help you with that!

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