Must-experience list: Coldstone Creamery in Iowa City

Mint chocolate chip ice cream - image by

Welcome to Coldstone Creamery, chimed the cute college girl behind the counter, already earning an extra point for service and good cheer. As I stepped into this elegent looking ice cream and slushie place, I noticed the unique, colorful designs along the walls, which, however, paled in comparison to the delicious smell floating into my nostrils.

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I studied the menu for more then a few moments; however tempting the sweets found here at Coldstone Creamery in Iowa City might be, the exorbitant prices were not friendly with my wallet. My ‘medium’ super minty chocolaty chip ice cream cost more than an entire pizza lunch.

cold stone
Mint chocolate chip ice cream – image by

Their other stuff was also crazily expensive – water alone cost $1.50, which might be expected downtown, but other things were expensive as well (or perhaps expensive as he–)(tiny ice cream cakes that ‘serve 8’ were $20).

cold stone
the prices are not friendly – image by

The bowl of “mint mint chocolate chocolate chip” ice cream was, to their merit, thick and rich with flavor. The other options on the menu, including Mountain Dew Iced(TM) were also quiet tempting, until I discovered a small Mountain Dew Iced would cost more than $4.

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They all look good – image by

In the end, don’t expect to leave Coldstone Creamery in Iowa City with much money left, but you might enjoy the ice cream.


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