What is cyber crime? Watch-out the embedded spies

Cyber Crime

Cyber criminals are getting smarter. The thieves are using or attempted use of an account or identifying information without the owner’s permission – is rampant across Europe, Asian and most of the countries in the world. Yearly, we will continue to see an increase in this crime. Here are the tips that could beat the thieves.

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Cyber criminals are getting smarter – image by indulgexpress.com

Install security software

Install security software and stay current with the latest patches. Always be suspicious of unsolicited e – mail. Monitor the volume and origin of pop – up ads. A change may signal something sinister.

Configure separate accounts on your computer and set controls on what each user can do. Separate accounts can make it harder for viruses to spread. To find out how to set up a limited account on a Windows PC, go to.

Install Security Software
Installing security software is required – image by cloudhostingasp.net

Use debit cards like credit cards, i.e., with a signature, not a PIN code. Never let your card out of your sight, especially overseas. Keeps an eye out for “skimmers” lurking in places where you use cards!

Enable encryption on wireless routers immediately upon setting up a home network. Shop only on secure websites (look for the padlock or “https” in the address bar”; use credit, not debit, cards; don’t store your financial into an “account” on the website.

Report any suspected scam to your local police or consumer association.

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Report any suspected scam to your local police – image by scamreport.com

Watch-out the embedded spies

Spy ware is another big problem. At its most innocuous, it’s merely an annoyance, spawning unwanted advertising, like pop – ups. In its more nefarious form, it can arrive as a “Trojan downloader” a program that lies dormant on a computer, only to perk up later to retrieve and install a destructive code under a hacker’s direction.

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Be aware of embedded spies – image by xorlogics.com

Among the most insidious new cons: “keystroke – logging,” in which software planted on a computer (perhaps via a virus) records everything a user types and passes it back to an identity thief. Then they are “screen scrappers,” which can snatch and send images of what on screen. The programs can also track your online habits by recording keystroke, passwords and even PIN number.


We need to pay more attention on any abnormal transaction made on your account via online banking facilities, as the thieves can sell your data details to online advertisers or, worse, access your online bank account. By following to the above methods, it’s may help you to beat the thieves effectively.

Prevent Cybercrime
Prevent cyber crime is important – image by sirhow.com


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