Mountain Bike, Cruiser or Road Bike – What is the Difference?

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Bikes come in all styles, shapes, sizes and colors. How do you know what bike is right for you? First, consider the area where you will be bike riding the most often as bikes are designed for different terrains and surfaces. Knowing where you will be riding, will help you decide what features you need on your bike and what accessories will make your ride more enjoyable.

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City bikers may want to consider choosing a “cruiser”. This is a bike designed with oversize seats and upright handlebars to provide stability and comfort for beginners and older bikers. This is a perfect bike for those who want a leisurely sight-seeing bike without being hunched over the handle bars. This is the model most often available for renting from small business owners to ride along bike paths and beach boardwalks.

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If you are a road biker, or long distance speed biker, you may want to purchase a “road bike”. This type of bike is sold with thin tires, small seat and a lightweight frame; all designed to help you ride comfortably on road pavement. The lightweight frame will make the bike easy to transport and keeping the weight down will allow you to have a more intense work out.

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If you live in a rural area or want to try riding on mountain trails, a mountain bike may be for you. They have thicker tires with a solid tread and a solid frame. The heavy tread will give you stability on the dirt paths, over rocks and in ruts, while the frame will give you the stability you will need to maintain control on a rugged surface.

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Always consider your safety gear and accessories when you buy any kind of bicycle. Buy a bike helmet that fits properly and WEAR IT!

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Consider knee pads if you feel balance may be an issue and get gloves to protect your hands. Gloves will protect you if you fall and will protect there tops of your hands from sun and wind burn while riding.

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Exercise can be fun! If you will be riding after dark, consider using a head lamp in addition to the light on the handle bars as you see where you want to go as well as where you are going. Always carry a bike tire repair kit and water with you whenever you go out riding.

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Bringing a cellular telephone is a good idea or a GPS device, though keep in minds some areas may not have strong signals. Consider bringing snack foods or healthy energy bars and a recyclable water bottle. Many bike shops have luggage bags to carry extra items and food supplies. A rain poncho is a cheap, portable item that can be used for other things, besides rain protection.

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