Sports Physicals in Ottumwa, Iowa

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There are several places in Ottumwa, Iowa where one could get sports physical. Your general practitioner can help you as well by administering a sports physical as he or she would know the most about you and any health problems that you may have or should look out for. A sports physical is very important as it will tell many things about you from your bones to every detail that could be happening inside of your body.

Sports Physicals in Ottumwa, Iowa
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Whether you are trying out or thinking about taking up a sport, seeing your doctor will help you make any decision that you may have. Generally though most people should have a general physical at least once a year as recommended by most doctors.

Seeing Their Doctor
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In Ottumwa Iowa there are several general practitioners that offer physicals for sports. One that many people have recommended to me personally would be Dr. Veronica Butler. Her office is located on North Court in Ottumwa Iowa. To make an appointment you should call their office at 641-683-3101. They also accept walk-ins and are open on Saturday from 8 am to 12 pm.

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In addition to Dr. Veronica Butler at the Family Medical Clinic you can also visit with Dr. Cheryl Reeves who is also a great doctor.

Another great place that offers sports physicals would be Ottumwa’s newest addition, River Hills. River Hills offers a massive variety of doctors that can suit nearly any need. River Hills can be located just across Market Street Bride in Ottumwa at the corners of Market and Main Streets. You may also call them at 641-684-6302 to schedule an appointment to see any one of the number of Doctors that practice there.

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These doctors are well trained in what they do and are eager to help everyone. What makes this place particularly special is that if you do not have health insurance or you are under insured they will work out a pay schedule with you according to your income, so that anyone can be seen in their facility.

Most people have had a normal physical which involves many different tests and diagnostics.

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Sports physicals will require a couple of different tests some of which include a urinalysis and blood work as required by each individual sport. Sport physicals are very important as they can predict if you are or are not healthy enough to participate in any given sport or the sport that you choose.


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