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Ask a student of Transcendental meditation what the best meditation is and they’ll tell you TM. The same applies for someone who practices Zen meditation. They’ll swear up and down that Zen is the best.

Zen meditation

The same applies with Sufi meditation. With all of the different meditation techniques, how does one know which is the best meditation? The answer is the best meditation is the one that works best for you.

Meditation Tips

Transcendental meditation
You need to find a type of meditation that you are comfortable with – image by thelifehype.com

When learning to meditate, a good idea is to find a type of meditation that you are comfortable with. In the beginning, some people run into into meditation blocks or obstacles. This is when an individual keeps trying to meditate, but is incapable of reaching a meditative state.

When attempting to meditate, obstacles are encountered for a variety of reasons. For example, there are individuals out there who just can’t seem to sit still.

woman practicing yoga meditation during luxury yoga retreat in Asia Bali
Not everyone can sit still – image by enlightenedescape.com

In their attempts to meditate, they’ll find that after a few minutes, they are no longer comfortable sitting in the same spot. Without being comfortable, it’s quite difficult to meditate. In cases like this, some form of moving meditation such as walking could greatly benefit the person learning to meditate.

Moving meditation

Another meditation block is when a person cannot clear their mind and think about nothing. An alternative to this could be to listen to a Simple guided imagery music meditation, watch a meditation DVD or learn how to chant with a mantra. In addition, lighting candles or incense may help you to concentrate better.

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Meditation Exercises

weight loss meditation
Choosing the right technique is one of the keys to successful meditation – image by weightloss-points.blogspot

In choosing the best meditation it’s best to establish the purpose of the meditation. The article Reasons why people meditate explores various reasons why people like to meditate. Choosing the right technique is one of the keys to successful meditation.

A person who is interested in some form of religious meditation would meditate differently that someone who is using meditation for relaxation.

Religious meditation is way different – image by lotussculpture.com

A religion-based meditation could encompass meditating on the Bible, God, Mother Earth or the Kabbalah. Using meditation for relaxation might be a Garden meditation or some form of meditation that involves meditating on a nature scene.

Meditation Techniques

guided meditation
Morning meditation – image by yogabycandace.com

The time of day and the amount of time that someone spends on meditation can also contribute to what is the best meditation. While some practitioners are perfectly happy and fulfilled with a quick morning meditation, others find what works best for them is to have a long meditation in which they can enter a deep meditative state and achieve altered state of consciousness.

Meditating in a group – image by spiritualityhealth.com

Many people like to meditate quietly and privately. However, there are those who feel that their energy and meditation experience is heightened when meditating in a group. A meditation class is well suited for these individuals.

Sometimes meditation is meant for other people. A person meditating can send positive energy and healing to others.

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Sending positive energy and healing to others – image by myspiritexperience.com

This can also be accomplished through meditation prayers.

In trying to find the best meditation, experiment with different positions, learn to breathe properly and decide the reason for wanting to meditate to find a meditation technique that will work best for you and give you the best meditative experience possible.

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Finding a meditation technique that will work best for you is important – image by destinationdeluxe.com


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