The Digital Camera: What it is, How it Works and Getting Started

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In the last quarter of the 20th century, the world has seen the development of the digital camera. Now, most 21st century cameras are digital. A digital camera, also known as a digicam or camera, records images using an electronic image sensor. A digital camera can record moving video with or without sound, still photographs or all of the above depending on the style purchased.

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How it Works

Most digital cameras use CCD’s, (charge-coupled devices) as the sensing element which takes the place of film. A CCD is a device used for the movement of electrical charge, and are implemented as shift registers that move charge within the device to an area where the charge can be manipulated for conversion into a digital value.

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Digital cameras have a LCD screen that displays images immediately after taking them. The camera can store with a memory card can store up to thousands of photographs and videos. Digital cameras allow the user to delete an unwanted photo within the camera storage eliminating wasted print jobs and space. Some digital cameras have features such as being able to crop and image-edit photos on the camera screen or with included software for the computer.

The Digital Camera: What it is, How it Works and Getting Started
Digital cameras have a LCD screen that displays images immediately after taking them – image by

Many devices now incorporate digital cameras such as mobile phones, or camera phones, and PDAs. However, purchasing an actual digital camera will result in higher quality photographs.

Hobby Guide to Digital Photography

Getting started in digital photography as a hobby can be as simple as trying what is affordable or as complicated as spending much time researching what all may be needed. This is a great hobby for beginners with little money or for the more experienced photographer who has more to invest.

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There are how-to-buy and how-to-choose guides to help direct the type of camera and accessories but the following are some brief explanations of features to consider: lens aperture, zoom, and media type. Note, as the quality of the camera rises, so will price.

  • Resolution is determined by the number of pixels in an image. The higher the pixel count, the better the resolution.
The higher the pixel count, the better the resolution – image by
  • Aperture of a lens is measured at its maximum opening. Larger apertures gather more light, requiring less light needed, such as a flash, to take a photo.
  • For the expert, research the zoom needed for the specific project but in general, a 3x optical zoom produces quality for price.
A 3x optical zoom produces quality for price – image by
  • Almost all digital cameras will accept memory sticks for increased storage. However, some use proprietary sticks which restricts future choices.

It is easy to get a raving review from the maker of the product but they are biased and not always reliable. There are unbiased, user reviews available and they deal with the novice and expert alike. Find out from those that actually use the product the pros and cons of the trade.

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Digital Cameras – Fun Pastime and Career Building

Without a doubt, the digital camera has changed the world of photography. They are easy for the average person to use for their own family outings, celebrations and memories. Career photographers have a wide range of camera features and abilities making their fields limitless.

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However the use, this enjoyable hobby will create memories for a lifetime. For more knowledge, explore further articles that cover many different areas of expertise.


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