What is a Netbook? A Portable, Efficient PC: Features and Benefits of Purchasing a New, Smaller Breed of Laptop

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Looking for a new computer that’s inexpensive, efficient, and highly portable? Perhaps the Netbook is just the solution. Offering extreme portability due to largely decreased size – Netbooks can range from screens of 8.9” to 10.1” in the most common models – the netbook is a large step forward for students, artists, writers, and business professionals seeking a truly mobile solution to increase their productivity.

notebook vs laptop
Netbook vs laptop

The best way to think of a netbook is that it is simply a smaller, more portable and battery efficient version of the standard laptop computer, sacrificing some graphical capability and screen size in order to achieve other benefits.

What Features Do Most Netbooks Offer?

While netbooks do not commonly possess an optical disc drive such as a DVD or Blu-Ray player, the reduced size more than makes up for this deficit.

Common models such as the HP Mini, the Acer Aspire One, Dell Inspiron Mini, or Eee Mini PC offer an affordable alternative – typically under $400 – to larger, bulkier laptops.

Acer LU SB  Aspire One AOD  Netbook
The Acer Aspire One – image by bhphotovideo.com

Almost all netbooks include a webcam, a fairly large hard-drive, and at least a gigabyte of RAM, although most netbooks currently on the market will accommodate two gigabytes of RAM.

Primary selling features of the netbook are it’s extremely small size and portability, as well as increased battery life (most netbooks are able to operate under battery power only for nearly three hours).

hp mini nr netbook pc front view
The HP Mini – image by thetechjournal.com

Most netbook computers are designed to be a perfect companion machine for students looking for a workbook to take to class as well as for basic IM and social networking needs – or for business and marketing professionals looking for a lightweight, easy to use personal computer that can process most business oriented functions with ease.

Why Purchase / Buy a Netbook?

The netbook is a superior choice for users who do not plan on using their machines for gaming or video production – the somewhat limited graphical capability of the netbook is problematic when it comes to fulfilling these roles. It is truly built around the concepts of mobility, versatility, and simplicity when it comes to computing.

netbooks l
Benefits of buying netbook – image by slieserve.com

Writers and artists might find a netbook very intriguing; the small size and extremely long battery life lend themselves well to an evening spent at the downtown pub or coffee shop browsing the internet and working on a late project alongside a coffee or glass of wine. Built-in wireless internet allows the users to take advantage of any wireless hot-spots or wi-fi areas.

Netbook is convenient – image by techpowerup.com

Students are also a target demographic of the netbook and it’s not difficult to see why. The truly portable nature of the netbook (many of the models weigh less than three pounds) allows students to take the notebook to class with them in order to take comprehensive notes, as well as to complete essays while surfing the net looking for research – and perhaps using iTunes or chatting to their classmates and friends on MSN, Facebook, or Myspace.

Students can take netbook into class – image by wm.edu

The netbook is an excellent choice for consumers looking for an inexpensive, well-crafted personal computer that allows access to the great majority of programs and features that a full-sized laptop or desktop computer might offer, at a fraction of the size and initial cost.

Whatever your needs, the trend towards netbook computers in the marketplace and in the classroom is sure to leave a lasting impression.


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