What is a Pancration? Definition of the glossary term Pancration


The Pancration was an event intorduced in the Olympic Games of 648 B.C. It was one of the most popular events of the ancient games. From the Greek “pan” all, and “kratos” power, this event required a great deal of strength, and had really no rules involved.

Pankration was the Ancient Olympics version of Mixed Martial Arts and it is the only discipline not reinstated with the creation of Modern Olympics in
It was one of the most popular events of the ancient games – image by thevintagenews.com

The event included elements of boxing, wrestling, and fighting. It could be compared to the “Ultimate Fighting” that we see today, only more ruthless.

Ultimate Fighting – image by seatlepi.com

The competitors were naked, and a match was won when one competitor submitted or was incapacitated. The only 2 rules involved were that competitors could not bite, or gouge out each other’s eyes.


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