What is a Shared Web Hosting? Advantage and Disadvantage

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If you are thinking of creating your own website, then you must first look for a web hosting company.  One of the terms that you might encounter when looking for a hosting company is the shared web hosting. So what is a shared web hosting?  This is the kind of service that allows you to host your sites on a server which hosts several other websites as well.  More information on pay monthly hosting.


The main purpose of the shared web hosting service is basically to host several sites. With this kind of service, you will no longer need to buy a lot of hosting packages just to host your sites. With this type of service, the hosting company will also be responsible in handling those complicated configurations, including the setup and maintenance.


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Web hosting service is that it is cost effective. Image by pngkey.com

The biggest advantage of having a shared web hosting service is that it is cost effective. It is therefore ideal for those who are still new in the ecommerce industry and are looking for ways to save on web hosting services. Another advantage is that most of these shared hosting services would come with a user friendly control panel which allows the website owner to administer the site.

It is suitable for websites from 1 to 5000 traffic a day.


Along with the advantages come the disadvantages and one of these is that a shared web hosting service is slower and is less reliable. If one of the sites will take up all of the bandwidth and causes the server to dysfunction, then the other websites will be greatly affected.

When your website traffic is ~200 realtime (right now) then you should consider upgrading to VPS.

This website uses Vultr VPS 2GB Memory (recommend to you)

Now that you have an idea on what shared web hosting is, it will be up for you to decide if you will choose this kind of hosting service or not.


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