What is a Superfood?


The word “superfood” is increasingly being used, mostly by people trying to sell you high-priced supplements, powders, or juices. But it’s not a new word – the Oxford English Dictionary first noted its use in 1915.

There is no legal or medical definition of a superfood, but it’s a handy word to describe those foods, mostly fruit and vegetables, that pack a great nutritional punch either per calorie, or per ounce.

super foods ddfafcdbaaeccc
Super foods are mostly fruits and vegetables – image by namanmarket.com

There isn’t one ingredient common to all superfoods, rather different fruit and vegetables contain different important and valuable nutrients, so eating just one thing, whether it is Brussel sprouts or acai berries won’t be a panacea.

Not all superfoods are exotic or expensive.

superfoods ed
Some super foods are cheap and easy to find – image by truehealthmagazine.co.uk

Here is a list of commonly-available, easily-grown, and cheap superfoods:

  • broccoli – contains DIM, an anti-carcinogenic substance, thought to help prevent stomach and bowel cancers;
broccoli bowl
Broccoli is one of the best – image by crushpixel.com
  • blueberries – very high levels of antioxidants;
  • onions – high level of quercetin, which is an anti-inflammatory and probably anti-carcinogenic;
  • tomatoes – lots of lycopene, a powerful antioxidant;
  • beetroot – can help lower blood pressure, and may inhibit the growth of tumours.
AN Beets Header
Fresh beetroot – image by healthline.com

Then there are the more exotic (and often more heavily advertised) exotic superfoods, such as:

  • Acai (Brazilian) – very high in antioxidants;
Acai – image by beyondu.vn
  • Mangosteen (Indonesian) – high in antioxidants, especially the rind (often used in juice from the mangosteen);
VNO Mangosteens
Mangosteen – image by vietnamonline.com
  • Goji Berry or Wolfberry (origin unclear, many grown in China) – high in potassium, zinc, an unsaturated fatty acids.
goji berry berries header
Goji Berry – image by healthline.com

But be careful – if someone is using the word “superfood” to try to part you from $80 a month for some vitamin pills or powdered supplement, it’s probably a scam. The above foods are great, as part of a healthy diet, but there’s not a magic bullet out there.


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