What Is Interactive Education System and the Role of the Private Tutors

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Although, it is not officially acknowledged, importance of private tutoring in the present education system is quite high. The education system has its advantages as well as its downsides. In order to understand this role, it is first important to realise that modern education system is different from that of the past.

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Over last 50 years, education has undergone evolutionary changes. The reciprocity quotient of modern education has increased to a substantial extent and due to that, modern education has become quite interactive. This clearly goes in favour of the students. If students get the chance to interact with the tutors properly, studying would become a more enjoyable experience for them.

The interactivity in modern education can be very easily spotted. Some of the educational technologies, employed by modern education system further contribute to increase the interactivity in education. Interactive response system facilitates the communication between the learner and the learning advisor.

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An interactive response system is provides interactivity between teachers and students or audience. Such programs endorse group activity, which experts consider as very effective for learning. Educationists believe that students shouldn’t consider learning as a burdensome task. In case of interactive education, students learn through new, innovative and funny ways.

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Interactive response system normally follows a pattern, in which teachers play an utterly important role. Students are actually audiences and teachers help them experience a new side of education. The entire process is usually handled by the teacher. The teacher first asks the students certain questions. Sometimes, these questions are of multiple choice types and some other times, answer should be a simple ‘Yes’ or ‘No’.

The educator doesn’t always collect the answers. He might instruct other students to take the answer and express his opinion whether he thinks the answer is correct. The student might also be instructed that if he thinks the answer is incorrect, he’d explain why.

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Interactive education system is effective. However, it has been found that such educational types have better chances of success, if applied outside the classroom environment. This is one of the reasons that the importance of private tutors has increased in last few years. Students get all types of education related helps from their schools.

However, schools have some limitations; a school doesn’t offer its students the chance to select their tutors. The environment of a school has a number of distractions and two essential things; learning confidence and self-esteem are not padded out.

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Private tutors help a student to get benefited by interactive learning. However, before hiring a particular private tutor or any agency that provides students with private tutors, parents need to make sure that it offers quality service. The first thing to check is whether the teacher knows various ways of teaching depending upon the needs of different students.

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If the tutor doesn’t possess such versatility, he shouldn’t be selected for educating the student. The second important thing to consider is the teacher’s exposure to latest technologies in the field of education. Tablets, e-readers, open source learning tools, CMSs and new file formats all add up to this category. An educator needs to have good idea about these technologies because these are essential in interactive learning.

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Finally, the private tutor must be able to deliver goal oriented education to the student because quality education is inherently related to purposeful and motive driven ways of delivering education.

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