What is Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search Engine Marketing

I would like to start with the topic of Internet marketing. Search engine marketing is also part of it. We can divide the SEM into two parts. First is SEO and second is SMO. Both of these technologies is used to increase the particular business by targeting the themes of websites in the search engines.

We can divide the SEM into two parts SEO and SMO – image by hubwelt.com

Let me tell you some brief about the SEO first.

If we say about the process, first of all we have to do complete research on our services and what exactly we want to promote. Also we have to do complete research over the sites of our competitors. After the complete analysis we need to make the changes in our site and make it search engine friendly.

Research Full
Researching is the first step of all – image by brandcamp.asia

Obviously we will analyze some particular keywords which are searched by the peoples generally who can take our service. There is no meaning to target only global keywords always, but this is very important to know what kind of visitors will search this keywords because whole campaign and the our retunes of the investment is depends on this analysis.

Analyze keyword – image by backlink.edu

These are the basic and very important steps of the campaign. Because this is changing whole business. If you search companies for such services you can find millions of companies who are giving the ready made plans and guaranteed results.

But this is really funny to hear this. Because everything is depends upon the search engines and there is no proper document available for the algorithms of search engines. Everything is done by the experience of the webmaster or SEO experts. So this just likes science an assumption. So practically this is not possible make any plan before the complete analysis.

Webmaster la gi
Everything is done by the experience of the webmaster or SEO experts – image by hocban.vn

A very popular thing is in market I am sure everyone heard about this “traffic or visitors”. This is also the big factor of every SEM campaign am agreed that this campaign is generated and run for the generation of traffic but only the traffic is not important but traffic should come from the right place and also the right peoples whom we want to target.

Everyone heard about “traffic” or “visitor” – image by ssgblog.com

For example you are dealing with car. So if you promote site with the keyword car definitely you will get huge number of visitors but not the business. You have to make it like buy “cheap cars in USA” .So this way you can target the location USA and there will be much better chances of improvement of your business.  And this will be much cheaper and fast growing results.


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