What is SEO, and the myths and truths about it?

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SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which basically means to enhance or optimize a website or a application, to be readily accessible for the Internet community through search engines such as Google, Yahoo or Bing.

Let’s illustrate the meaning with an example.

Supposed you go into a library, and there are thousands of books available, but you are looking for a specific cooking book.

Are you going to search through all the books in the library just to find your desired cooking book?

I don’t think so; you might probably ask a librarian for help, or look for the Cooking section of the library, or use the library’s computers to search the location of your desired cooking book.

Similarly, there are millions of websites in the Internet. Search Engine Optimization helps other Internet users to locate your website or blog, through search engines, by indexing your webpages and ranking them for visitors to see.

It helps webmasters to generate targeted traffic into their sites.

That is why many internet businesses and blogs use SEO techniques for popularity and to generate sales for their sites.

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Top 1 keyword “seo audit services” – image by gtvseo.com

Myth #1: Internet marketing or making money online is all about SEO.

Truth: SEO is an important element of Internet marketing or making money online, but it is certainly not everything about it.

Many people think that SEO is everything to online businesses and Internet marketing, but many people are  also not earning enough money to earn a living online.

SEO just increases your website’s or blog’s exposure to the Internet and will increase traffic, but in essence your success will also depend very much on the products you are selling, or the information you are trying to give, and how you present your products or information to the Internet community.

seo is part of digital marketing
SEO is a part of Digital marketing – image backlinko.com

There are blogs and websites that are generating tens of thousands of dollars, and yet the webmaster doesn’t care about SEO, because he has a large mailing list to sell his products to, social, and his popularity spreads through word of mouth.

Truth: If you have quality information or product, and you are able to present them to the Internet community well, you will have a very high chance of striking it big in the Internet with SEO.


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