What is spirituality, what is the spiritual study?

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We only have access through spirituality can and the Creation of the universe one big energy before life can return to the original townships, only be able to find the soul rest in peace, the only owner can rely on the meaning of existence of life before they can let us from the heart be the depths of true Happiness! – Only the pursuit of spirituality in order to let us alive in this world do not feel tired, and inner satisfaction.

What is spirituality?

Therefore, the spiritual world, our lives to the originator, and spiritual self-cultivation is to add vitality to life, of course, also implies a high degree of spiritual quality and the quality of our lives height. It is for this reason, spirituality is so attract people to study.

Trust more than the position of spiritual study, be able to get together a lot of recognition. The question is, Spirituality Spirituality learners studying at a time when, because of the spiritual understanding of error and even the wrong practice methods, not only failed to enhance spirituality, but also resulted in physical and mental obstacles.

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Based on my personal study and exploration of spiritual experience that shallow, I think the spiritual from the rational level learners to know what is spirituality, a rational approach to entering the study spirituality. These basic study of the ways and means to be able to help us have a great learning effectiveness.

Spirituality Road are behind the stability of energy flow structure and strength, is to create a master in the creation of our world and the structure of the blueprint for life, are plump and the overall quality of the original. Because of these long and complex, simple and powerful energy, our hearts can only be true nourishment of quiet rest in peace only to be productive and endless creativity.

Spirituality Road are behind the stability of energy flow structure and strength – image by iamfearlessoul.com

Therefore, the measure of our study the efficacy of spirituality are the most important symbol of our life has not evolved the following:

First, the heart is more quiet, more stable rational and watch the world, and treat their own attitudes to life more than the Government is also actively, rather than emotional impetuous and easy (including superficial passion, ecstasy, pride, boasting, self-abased, self – derogatory, jealousy, paranoia, anger and other emotions)?

Secondly, are not more delicate, sensitive and can empathy for others, rather than gross, retardation also love usually derogatory, attack, crowding out other people?

What is spirituality, what is the spiritual study?
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Third, our work is more effective? We are not more people be able to enjoy it with confidence in the quality and energy of others went to the interaction, but also be able to win good will and respect for others, but also be able to get more chance of success? Interaction with others, we are not be able to let each other get more blessing? Rather than because of low sensitivity, leading to dislike everyone, or do not intend to intentionally hurt others, leading to popularity and reputation of the poor?

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Fourth, our body including the skin, internal organs are not getting clean, smooth and healthy? U.S. strength and energy is becoming more dynamic? As appearance, Aura because of moisture, we are not becoming more beautiful and more distributed the intrinsic charm of the beautiful and attractive? Rather than because of the imbalance of the heart, because the mood of viral unchoked, appearance and temperament ugly and ugly?

Fifth, the quality of our lives have become from the inside out no more pleasure, more attractive, a broader and corrections to the more depth and content, but also be able to help others and influence others? Rather than an active life should not, should not be positive in life?

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Benefit of spiritual study are changes in our lives temperament – image by look4ward. co.uk

From the above perspective, the direct benefit of spiritual study are changes in our lives temperament.

In summary, spirituality is the study of the study can be blessings, spirituality are studying in order to receive blessings, are in order to allow corrections to the U.S. life and positive! Measure their effectiveness study of spirituality are important criteria for their own lives have not been changing and growing.


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