What is Taoist Meditation?

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I have been practicing Taoist Meditation daily for the past seven years, it is quite different from other types of meditation in that you do not need to take different positions or have special equipment, and you can stop for water or other needs. Basically, it is a down to earth approach to letting go of daily worries, and empowering you with a vision and mantras about what you want to achieve.

Taoist meditation doesn’t require taking different positions or have special equipment – image by energyarts.com

Is the Tao a religion?

Some call it a religion, some call it a way of life – one that helps you unplug from what is bothering you. The Tao or The Way, sprung out in China –Tibet to be precise. it is about being at one with yourself, your surroundings and instead of fighting what does not work, letting go of it, for something better that requires less effort.

The Tao may be a religion, may be is a way of life – image by learnreligions.com

Taoism is about how the Tao flows (Dao) – “The Way,” in English, it is defined as “the natural flow of things”, the “course of nature”, and can be named “The Watercourse Way.” (according to YakRider.com, on Taopages.com, on 07/12/10).

How much time does Taoist Meditation take?

It only depends on how much time you have for it; three days, 30 minutes? if you want to detox and cut yourself off from the world to distress completely, then three days is best. Personally, the 30 to 45 minutes a day are enough. All that matters is that you retreat inwards and concentrate on your breathing, to feel the energy or Chi.

As long as you have time for it – image by reddit.com

The two main ways Jing (‘quiet, stillness, calm’) and ding (‘concentration, focus’). An aim of stillness, mentally and physically, is to concentrate inwards and cut off what goes on outside, and by doing that restraining the “Five Thieves”.

Stillness and concentration – image by suraflow.com

Within that silent stillness, you have to concentrate your mind and focus attention, mainly on your breath, to develop ‘one-aimed awareness’, a state of mind that shuts out interference and does not allow to be disturbed, which allows intuition to come out, writes1stHolistic.com on Taoist Meditation Method.

What path should I follow?

There are a wealth of books and websites out there. I can only speak of what has worked for me over seven years, helping me to overcome relationships breakdowns, job issues and even pregnancy.

Taoist meditation brings benefits to mind and health

The Barefoot Doctor’s books are quite good at putting in everyday words all those meditation elements and applying them every day is much easier. A few websites give you a method from their home page: 1stHolistic.com, and some offer products and classes: Taoist-Arts.com, whichever type of support or lack of it suits you best.

What is in it for me?

Overall, you should come out of Tao meditation feeling more at one with yourself, stronger, ready to take anything on, or to let go of hang-ups that hold you back.

You can practice Taoist meditation everyday – image by meditationtechniques.co

It only requires the amount of time you have, at any point in the day, I’ve even practiced it on the train (not the punching or other face massages, I’m not ready for performance yet). Spend money on it or don’t, it is up to you – the Tao won’t chase you for it; it can even live happily side by side with church practice.


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