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With invention of computer, technology has improved a lot. To talk more about it, the growth of technology can be divided as period before introduction of computer and after introduction of computer and internet.

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I will never tell that there is no technology existed before introduction of computer and internet, it was there but compared to after introduction of computer and internet. True or not?

Now, technology has gone so up high above the sky that we cannot even remember what new technology is present in the market as there are number of technologies being launched daily. This is all because of increase in demand for software field and IT jobs. IT companies have arisen in all the places all over the world.

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There were less number of people, who use to choose software in before days, but by increase of good payments in the software field, there took a drastic turn and people started going into software field. Now a situation is that 1 lakh students are in competition for 1 job. And there are about thousands of employees working in each software company. They will obviously work on introducing new software. This is the reason why the technology has increased so much.

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Now that we have news channels and news papers to know about new technology. If they are not there then it would be a problem for us. And many people, in this busy life have no time to read news paper or watch news channels. For this purpose many software are being launched into the market like technology updates, news updates, etc.

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And even few apps or applications are also being launched. Like this kind of software’s, there are other software which gives information about technology they are called field service software and job tracking software. They both are independent from each other in case of working but are dependent on each other in case of news update.

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Every day, the importance for each and every technology and software language changes and depending on the importance for the technology and programming language the jobs opportunities also vary. Yes, here comes the point. Before getting deep into the topic, it is good to have a clear understanding about the working of the software.

Job tracking software: It is software used to know the jobs around you and also the stream on which jobs are being offered. You just have to install this software into your system and then just give the details about the type of work you need and place. This shows as many results on the information provided by you.

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By this, if the job is suitable to you, you can apply for that job. This is how job tracking software works. This software has many other facilities like work force station which locates your vehicles on the road and also gives information about workforce station and electronic job card etc. It can be used from your mobile as an app or can also be used as software in your system.

Field service software: This software is used to update information about the survey made on any aspect .Let it is on anything like, population, literacy rate, girl population, technology, programming languages etc. For example, let us consider survey on programming languages, in this, the survey is done to find out which technology is being used now-a-days and which technology IT companies is using.

intuit field service
Field service software – image by technologyadvice.com

By the end of the survey, the results are updated and depending upon the results of the field service ranking for programming languages present now, the IT companies offer jobs and that is what reflected in job tracking software.


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