What Is The Purpose Of Your Blog ?

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I have already written almost 200 articles in my blogs as well as in other blogging communities where I am a member. Everytime I write, I always ask my self, what is the purpose of this article I’m writing? Will this article benefit other people? Is earning through adsense my sole purpose of writing? Each of us has his/her own reason why we write. Many though write because it’s their passion.

In my case, it is my purpose to make my posts a useful reference to students, professionals, and everybody who needs information online. I do my best to research accurate information as possible. Earning is just secondary. Few years back, I had started relying on the internet for all the information I needed. Either to learn more about a term I’ve encountered or to get the exact location of an establishment, and many others. There were times though that I would get frustrated as I wasn’t getting the information as I was looking for. There were not enough topics. Good thing that paid to blog sites like this existed.  The internet has now millions of information in it.

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For neophyte writers, blogging online is not easy.  I myself had my share of ups and downs. At first, a post would take me almost 3 days to finish as I was not confident enough of my blogging and had to revise it again and again. In time though we will improve and we can learn so many techniques and ideas along the way. About to give up? No, please not yet. I assure you, once you are able to learn the tricks of the trade, surely you will gain the fruits of your labor.

As an online writer, it is also necessary that we provide information as accurate as it can be. Everyday, millions of people use the internet to get information and it is our job to meet that purpose.


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