What is Turbulence Training? Breaking the Fat Loss Myths

turbulence training review

Working out is one of the hardest habits to keep. With life and work taking up many of the hours during the day, there is little room for an hour or two to spend in the gym. Then there is the trouble finding a workout that is beneficial for both cardio and muscle building. Turbulence Training offers a unique new perspective on working out that may just change your life, forever.

The BURST of Fat Burn

The BURST of Fat Burn. Image by pinterest.ca

Turbulence Training works with burst fitness to force the body into fat burn mode. There is no need to change your diet or workout for hours on end. Instead, the use of burst fitness builds muscle more quickly and eats up those calories you eat every day.

The muscles are fickle creatures that do not like to respond to the same workouts for extended periods of time. If they get bored, they simply stop working at the same level they did before. This can cause weight loss plateaus, muscles loss and loss of metabolism strength. With BURST workouts, the body is constantly being challenged and that means NO plateaus, NO loss of muscle and INCREASED metabolism.

Leaving the Gym Behind

Turbulence Training is created as a HOME workout. Image by proform.com

The yearly cost of a gym membership can add up to thousands of dollars. That is not to mention the time lost driving to the gym and waiting for machines. Turbulence Training is created as a HOME workout. That means no high cost gym memberships and no running back and forth to the gym every morning or evening. These workouts can be completed in less than 45 minutes from your bedroom, living room or backyard. Wherever you feel comfortable giving your body the BURST it needs is where Turbulence Training will work for you.

Breaking the Fat Loss Myths

Craig Ballantyne, the creator of Turbulence Training is an expert for Men’s Health Magazine. He has heard all the myths about weight loss and fat loss and many of them are simply not true. You do NOT have to work out for 20 minutes before burning fat. You do NOT have to work out in the morning on an empty stomach. You do NOT have to work out seven days a week.

Taking back control of your metabolism and your body are easy with the Turbulence Training workout. The time has come to put aside those boring cardio routines and BURST into a new era where working out is effective in less time!


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