What is UV Treatment for Psoriasis?

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There are different names for this light therapy or photo therapy they are both UV treatment for psoriasis and using this on a regular basis does work. For the most part this is done under the care of your doctor or dermatologist but with the new home units you can do it right from home. The most effective way to treat you psoriasis with UV is doing it on consecutive basis.

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Is Ultra Violet rays A or B the right treatment for my psoriasis?

Natural sunshine contains UVB light and is extremely good for your psoriasis. Sunlight has the UV rays in it and as it socks into you skin it slow the cell reproduction cycle down making your skin look and feel so much better. This can be done at a light therapy clinic, doctors’ office or at home now with the new UV Units.

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You have a couple choices of UVB therapy now. You can get it in a broad band or a laser targeted brand Looks like from the studies that narrow band treatment is working better on specific areas because it is targeted to an individual area unlike broad band. Because it is focused, it also requires that you have fewer UV treatments for your psoriasis.

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Doctors are saying that you will not see improvement before you psoriasis gets worse, just what happens. Keep in the back of your head that this is temporary and with additional UVB therapy your psoriasis will improve.

Sometimes it might be in your better interest to use the combination of systemic medic actions along with UVB treatment. This can improve your healing process substantially but should be done carefully.

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The systemic medications do make your skin more susceptible to light and you are more likely to burn. Good news is you will have to take fewer treatments to get the same results. Bad news is, there might be other side effects of the medications.

UVB Phototherapy at Home

For the most everyone you usually start treatment on the advice of your Dr. and take the treatment in a medical facility. Only to find out that there are home UVB units they can purchase and use from home.

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Your UVB therapy depends on you doing it on a consistent basis. Remember to continue to see your Dr. until it is in remission. You don’t want to cause more harm than good.

To date all UVB light therapy units have to be gotten via prescription and then you can bill it through your insurance company. There are now companies that only deal in this type of product and can help you expedite you insurance billing.

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Let The Sun Shine In

Sunshine has A and B UV rays. It also has vitamin D! There is nothing better taken in moderation. Ultra violet B not A is the good ray for our psoriatic skin and like most things in this world need to done in moderation.

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If you are fortunate enough to live in a area with a lot of sunshine you can set yourself on a daily regiment of pure UVB and vitamin D therapy and be so much better off for it! Watch yourself starting out and only get natural sun for about 4-8 minutes a day, on each side and increase the time from there.

What we are doing is treating you psoriatic condition we do not want to get burned. In just a short period you will see how much healthier your skin will appear.

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We hope this publication has been of service to you and your family and you have found it helpful. If you need additional resources for your psoriasis condition please go to, Best Treatment For Psoriasis or OTC Psoriasis Treatment


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