Iowa Alumni Magazine | April 2008 | Reviews

Jenny's Blog

By Kathryn Howe

A young couple moves to a small rural town, where boredom soon sets in. At least, until those pesky local zombies begin to threaten their lives.

In presenting what's possibly the first feature film in blog format, Bruce Heppner-Elgin weaves a macabre yet strangely captivating tale. The 85-minute movie, developed as the filmmaker's master's thesis in creative writing from San Diego's National University, is available in video format via YouTube, broken into episodes of about three-minutes each. Since the first posting in October, "Jenny's Blog" has received thousands of page views from people all over the world hooked on this unique mini soap opera that blends an everyday story of everyday folk with the homemade creepy style of the Blair Witch Project.

Heppner-Elgin, who co-produced the movie with Kristina Swanson, 95BA, used a lack of finances to his advantage—the unpolished, low-budget quality of "Jenny's Blog" makes the horror seem all the more real.