Blogging What Is It and What Can It Do For You

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If you’re fairly new to the Internet world, you must be looking for an answer to the question Blogging What Is It? We’re going to answer that question for you and show you how to use blogging to build an online business.

Adapting Blogs
Blogs are just another kind of website, but they are different because of certain unique features. Image by

Blogging is just a way of publishing articles or videos about a particular topic, on the internet. Blogs are just another kind of website, but they are different because of certain unique features. A blog is different from a “static html website” because articles or videos are usually published on it regularly. In addition to that, other people comment on the articles or videos, which creates even more content on your website.

A blog uses what’s called a “Content Management System” to store all this content, whereas an ordinary website has all it’s written content typed in on different “html” pages. This “content management system” makes it easier to manage the content – as a blog owner you don’t need to bother about the management side of things though. This is all handled automatically for you.

All you are required to do, is log in to your blog and write your articles or post your videos. It’s really easy and much simpler than it is on other websites.

There are some wonderful resources for learning how to blog for business or pleasure.

Web Blogging Benefits

Blogging Benefits You Cant Afford WEB
Web Blogging Benefits. Image by

Here are just some of the benefits of blogging:

1. Blogging is the best way to market products, services or a business opportunity, because you can build a community around the blog, and provide value to people without directly selling to them. If you offer something free related to your business on your blog, and require that your visitors give their name and email in return for that “Free offer”, you will start building up a list of targetted prospects, to whom you can sell your products or services.

2. Google and other search engines love blogs because of the continuously updated content. Therefore, if you want searchers on the internet to find your business online, it’s best to use a blog. Every time you post on a blog, a separate web page is created and the search engines see that as fresh new content.. A blog is an online entrepreneur’s biggest asset (or piece of internet real estate), and it becomes more and more valuable the more you publish on it.

3. A Blog can be created easily – it can be created by anyone,( even someone completely new to the internet can create one) because of their highly flexible design. It’s also easy for others to comment on a blog. You can create your blog at many different places on the world wide web, either for a small fee or for free.

4 The actual cost to create a blog is negligible – all you need to pay for is the web hosting which you can get for as little as $8 a month. The over- heads of a blog are just for the web hosting and your time to creat the content to be posted onto the blog.

5. Blogs are Perfect for Small Markets or Niches: Small markets work best with blogs because you can narrow down your topic, and focus on specific keywords. You are more likely to find a group of people who want to discuss your topic, if you work within a small market. An example of a small market would be something like this: If you work with children’s toys, your market will be “Children’s Toys”. You might be better off focusing on a smaller market within Toys, like “Toys for 3 to 6 year olds” or “educational toys for children”. This is just an example of a small market, I haven’t done any research on that market. If you start off with a small market, you can expand later on, and talk about toys for all different ages.


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