Iowa Alumni Magazine | February 2008 | Features

Conversations with Max Hardberger

By Carol Harker

For a behind-the-scenes peek at Max Hardberger's remarkable life and extraordinary careers, listen in to our telephone interview with "The Good Pirate":

Vessel Extraction & Maritime Law (4:35 minutes)
When a lawyer can't recover seized property (ships and planes) for its rightful owners, Hardberger puts on one of his other hats and takes back the property any way he can.

Witch Doctor, Inc. (3 minutes)
A local witch doctor facilitated one of Hardberger's vessel extractions in Haiti, where locals have created an industry based on the powers of voodoo.

Risky Behavior (27 seconds)
Hardberger suggests that the riskiest thing he's ever done is something commonly seen in agricultural states such as Iowa.

The Writers' Workshop (1:10 minutes)
Our subject recalls his time at the University of Iowa in the early 1970s.

Looking to Teach (1:30 minutes)
Thinking back to his time at the university, Hardberger remembers his efforts to become a teacher.

Fact or Fiction? (47 seconds)
Listen to Hardberger's practical reason for identifying his semi-autobiographical book, Freighter Captain, as fiction.

Oh, Captain, My Captain (1:05 minutes)
Having taken the role himself, Hardberger has a top man's perspective on what it takes to run a tight ship.

Future Plans (39 seconds)
When many of his peers are thinking of slowing down, what lies ahead for this UI grad?

A TV Series (40 seconds)
Hardberger's story comes to the History Channel.

Stuntman for the Worst Movie Ever (1:35 minutes)
Hardberger talks about one of his new careers and why he trusts the stunt coordinator.