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Iowa's Fight Song

The word is "Fight! Fight! Fight! for IOWA,
Let every loyal Iowan sing;
The word is "Fight! Fight! Fight! for IOWA,"
Until the walls and rafters ring (Go Hawks!)
Come on and cheer, cheer, cheer, for IOWA
Come on and cheer until you hear the final gun.
The word is "Fight! Fight! Fight! for IOWA,"
Until the game is won.

On Iowa

On, Iowa, proudly at the fore,
On, Iowa, on forever more,
Ev'ry loyal son will give a rousing toast to you,
Ev'ry loyal daughter loves you true.
On, Iowa, with your wealth untold,
A heritage to us you did unfold,
Love of family, love of friend,
Love of country, too,
makes us proud for what you stand,
Our dear Old Gold.

In Heaven There Is No Beer

The Beatles' Eleanor Rigby

Alma Mater, Iowa

Come all alums of Iowa,
And blend your voices true;
Sing praises to our Alma Mater,
As good Hawkeyes do.

Let's keep within our hearts a fire
To magnify her fame;
Bring credit to these noble halls,
Where glory and honor reign.

The day is near when comrades here
Will bid farewell and part;
But each Hawkeye carries on
Thy spirit in his heart.

Oh, Iowa, Iowa, we drink a toast to you;
We pledge our everlasting love
For dear old Iowa U. . . .
Alma Mater, Iowa.

IAM story about the Alma Mater:
Song Sung True by Carol Harker

Memories of My Iowa Girl - 1924
(Courtesy of Bonnie Holscher Walling of Davenport, Iowa)

I've traveled afar in my wand'rings
And I'm long miles away from Old Gold—
But mem'ries bring recollections
And oh what joys they unfold—
I see once again the old campus
With its green trees and river nearby—
But my Iowa girl, of all in the world
I want you once more by my side.

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