Top 4 Iowa City Ideas for Cinco De Mayo

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Are you looking for some Iowa City ideas for Cinco de Mayo? Then you are in the right place. Having been here in Iowa City for a few years now I can give you some perspective on my top 4 things to do in Iowa City especially for Cinco de Mayo or any holiday for that matter. Well I know why you are here so lets get to the meat of it! The Top 4 :

  1. Brothers Bar & Grill
    125 S Dubuque St (319) 338-6373
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Brothers Bar & Grill – image by

Brothers has no cover charge. And cheap wings on Weds. Small dance floor. But still a good value with pricing and pool tables to go along with the rest of the food and drinks. It is a chain restaurant so at least they have some corporate big whigs watching over them which makes them try to stay on top of cleaning which is a big plus over some of the other bars in town.

Take a look on night in Brothers Bar and Grill:

They should have some Iowa City Cinco De Mayo banners and advertising going on too, so watch for some special drink and food deals.

  1. Josephs Steakhouse
    212 South Clinton Street (319) 358-0776
    Yep a twist with your Iowa City Cinco De Mayo plans. At 5pm I will be here starting the night off with a excellent dinner here. And a beer or 2.
Josephs Steakhouse – image by

Gotta start it out right on a holiday as a treat especially since my exams will be over already. Josephs is fine dining without the need for stuffy dress code. Get your steaks here.

Fine Dining Steakhouse Iowa City
Juicy steak at Josephs Steakhouse – image by

2. Dublin Underground

5 South Dubuque Street (319) 337-7660 ‎
Yep smaller and no frills. That is ok by me. Less crowd. But a straight up bar. A bar with good service and prices. Go here to not be overwhelmed with noise and to get your drink on.

Having fun time at Dublin Underground

This is the meeting spot after your dinner to get primed to start off the pub crawl or just stay the whole night.

  1. Joe’s Place
    115 Iowa Ave (319) 338-6717

Iowa City Press Citizen newspaper has voted pretty much in tune with me, Joe’s place just flat out rocks. Good prices, no cover and always something happening for holidays like Cinco de Mayo.

CCS Joes Place Front FNL
Joe’s Place – image by

Plus after the expansion all I can say is these 2 words. Beer Garden. Yep pushing the envelope of my beer tastebuds to the limit. This is where I will be by the end of the night.
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These are my top 4 Iowa City Ideas for Cinco De Mayo!


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