What is an Energy Star Efficient Appliance?

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Energy Star is a program that provides guidance for appliance manufacturers. Any product that meets energy-efficient specifications set out in the guides receives a special label called the Energy Star Label. Efficiency helps protect the environment and save the consumer money through a decrease in the use of energy.

Energy Star label products meet certain goals. They are:

  • Smarter use of energy in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and other pollutants.
  • Assist consumers with the identification of energy-efficient products.

How Does EPA Choose which Products Earn the Label?

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Energy Star label products meet certain goals. Image by energystar.gov

Appliances that earn the Energy Star label have underwent testing to prove they meet the rigorous guidelines set out by the Environmental Protection Agency. These specifications are mandated for all products carrying the Energy Star label. The key principles that guide the labeling program are:

  • The product must belong to a category that will contribute significant energy savings to the entire nation. Examples are widely used household appliances.
  • The products must contain the same features consumers demand in the appliance. The products must also have improved energy efficiency over their counterparts.
  • If the product will cost the consumer more, the energy savings must be enough for the consumer to recoup the upfront cost through long term savings. In other words, the appliance must have a significant less energy usage so the consumers utility bill will be lower.
  • The energy efficiency can be accomplished through widely available technologies offered by more than one manufacturer.
  • The amount of energy consumed and performance can be demonstrated and verified through testing.
  • The Energy Star label differentiates these products from their less efficient counterparts and be visible for consumers.

Does EPA Ever Revise Specifications?

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The Environmental Protection Agency does make revisions to the specifications as determined by a variety of factors. Image by eeweb.com

The Environmental Protection Agency does make revisions to the specifications as determined by a variety of factors. These factors may include a change in the Federal efficiency standards, technological advancements in energy efficiency, product availability, issues with consumer expectations, performance and quality concerns, and testing procedure concerns.

Energy Star Appliances and Rebates

Energy Star appliances carry different ratings. The yellow labeling is easy to see and must be attached to all appliances that are eligible for the rating. These appliances have been deemed worthy of promotion by the US government. Each state has created a program to administer a federally funded rebate program. An Energy Star appliance must be purchased to qualify and amounts vary.


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