Self Storage: What is the best option

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Moving house is always a stressful and complicated challenge to undertake. Apart from the actual removal from your old house into your new one, you will need to consider how to store your possessions. So what option is the best option when considering self-storage?

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There are two ways that are recommended when considering before you look into self storage company:

1) What level of access will be needed?

2) Budget available.

3) Estimation of storage time requirement.

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There are two options to consider once you have a rough idea of these considerations.

The first is self storage.

This option gives you regular access to your possessions, twenty four hours a day, seven day a week, and there is no extra cost to utilise this service. The room will come with its own combination locking system and the size of the room will depend on your specific size requirements.

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If at any time you require an adjustment, the self storage company you use can change rooms for you and will provide detailed information about the charges for this service.

All self storage units are monitored by CCTV to ensure that all movements in and out of your storage unit are recorded. Items that are about a certain value can have additional insurance if necessary.

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The second option is to use a sealed box unit.

This option is the best price-wise, is guaranteed to be completely secure, and is the best option for people who are considering a longer-term move, where they need piece of mind that their possessions are secure at all times.

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A typical sealed box is 8 feet in height, giving 250 cubic feet of space. A typical one bedroom flat would use approximately one-to-two of these containers, with the amount going up by room per room.

The self storage company will bring the container(s) to your home and will provide a packing and transport service, taking care and consideration for the safe handling and storage at all times.

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You will be provided with a key for this unit and the self storage company can also keep a spare key for you, if you choose this option.

Both options for self storage will have guaranteed safety precautions and security measures in place to ensure that your property is safeguarded at all times. You should also check with the self storage company for any additional options they can offer, like man and van, removals, maintenance and shipping facilities.

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All self storage companies will have varying terms and conditions for what can be stored, so also keep this in mind before you order your required self storage unit(s). The self storage company will provide detailed information about what items can or cannot be stored.


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