Automobile Charger and Residence Charger – What is the Dissimilarity


… several comparisons of car charger and home charger, but in a way, this comparison is unnecessary, as the purpose of usage is different. However, it all depends on the exact place of usage. What we can do is to enlist their differences and to compare them according to their daily measure of importance , but nowadays the way of usage when it comes to chargers went through a big change and when we take a look at the newly featured chargers for the Nexus Prime, you will see all these differences.

All the electronic devices…

…. which are not continuously plugged in while usage work with a battery needs either to be replaced when it finishes or to be charged as most batteries we are using are rechargeable. The charging stays an important action, which cannot be crossed, no matter how much the techniques develop.

For your new Samsung Galaxy Nexus accessories, you will need to get a car charger along with some other useful accessories such as the Samsung Galaxy Nexus case or the Samsung Galaxy Nexus screen protector, which are also essential for the security of the cell phone itself. The main idea where we can start up this topic is, that there is no cell phone without need for a battery to be used. Most phone users buy and even carry their spare or security batter with themselves, it can be vital for you to have an always charged cell phone.

Nowadays, the functions of chargers have changed so much together with their shapes and functions than the earlier days. Nowadays, the car chargers are the trendier. The difference in car and home chargers is slowly disappearing. With the alternative ways of connecting the charger to anything that carries electronic power, from PC to laptop or the USB of the car radio, charging has never been so easy earlier. Today, the good chargers offer charging to not one but two devices in the same time, these are called dual chargers. Nowadays the long brand names of the recently released chargers said to be compatible with the new Samsung Galaxy Nexus chargers are offered in sets.

Rapid LED-indicating Car Charger Adapter. Image by

One of the newest trends on the quality of the charger is the retractable wire, which makes the usage much easier. May be the biggest difference between today’s and yesterday’s chargers lies in their material.

Here are some examples of the new generations of chargers offered with the brand new Nexus. Google’s Nexus Productions manufacture all featured items like Rapid LED-indicating Car Charger Adapter, Retractable Car Charger Adapter, Home Travel Charger Essential, Retractable Home Wall Travel Charger, Dual Charge Function iSplitter and the Tangle-Free Three in One Retractable Car Charger with Cigarette Lighter socket. Each enlisted items are compatible and licensed on behalf of Nexus.


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