Bill Zuber’s Restaurant in Amana, Iowa – Full of History, Legend and Great Food as Well

Zubers Hotel Pictures by Arron

Update: Currently, this place has turned to the hotel business but you can still see Bill Zuber’s memorabilia here.

Bill Zuber’s Restaurant is one of those places that offers much more than a good meal…it offers a piece of history as well. But not the history that one might expect. When I was a young girl, the story of Bill Zuber’s restaurant was shared with me…a story that has stuck with me for many years!

Even if you have no idea of the history of Bill Zuber and his fantastic talent, you can not help but appreciate the simplicity of this restaurant and it’s fare. For not only is there nothing fancy here, but there is a piece of history that is kept alive through the wholesome food and welcoming nature of those who work within.

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Restaurant in 1950s

Normally I don’t have a memory of history but this history is different. The history one finds here is of baseball legend Bill Zuber. Young Bill Zuber had a talent, but it was a talent that was not encouraged by the church elders.

However, the story goes that word of his baseball prowess made it to the ears of the New York Yankees. Visiting Homestead one day, the scout found Bill harvesting onions in a communal garden. Not having a baseball at hand, the scout bent over and plucked an onion from a pile on the ground, handed it to Bill and asked him to “show me your arm”.

At this Bill threw the onion over the roof of a nearby barn and a legend was born. Life was never the same after this for Bill Zuber and as natives tell, Amana was never the same either. A simple man from a simple place suddenly became well known far and wide.

Bill Zubers Dugout Restaurant Trade Card
Souvenir photos in the restaurant

Bill Zuber played baseball for 10 years with the Yankees until his career was cut short by an arm injury. Having a love for Iowa and Homestead, Bill returned to Homestead and started this restaurant.

Though Bill has been gone now for many years, his family still operates the restaurant and visitors can see baseball memorabilia and have a great meal…all at the same spot! Bill is a hallmark of the Amana colonies and someone that natives and visitors both respect and honor with each passing day. His honest, good nature followed him throughout this life and lives on even after his passing.

This has always been a favorite of mine and I invite any and all to experience this great place for themselves……the food is great….the customer service fantastic and the history couldn’t be better! It is exactly the kind of place that makes you want to return time and time again!

zuber s homestead hotel
Currently, this place is a hotel

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  1. ? This hasn’t been a restaurant for many years! It also hasn’t been in the Zuber family for many many years either, not sure why this is saying it is still operating as a restaurant. You can visit it as a hotel, but don’t go looking for the restaurant of days past.


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